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Forming international networks to achieve maximum efficiency

In addition to our own manufacturing plant, in-house design capability, QC and other experienced team of staff, we also work with an extensive network of manufacturers, suppliers, logistic specialist, legal & financial advisors, and marketing experts based in China. As a business providing sourcing and supply chain management services, we understand the importance of working in synergy of partnership and collaboration among all parties involved. 


When we work with our client on a project, we assess the product specifications, price point requirements, degree of customisation, and other skills and experiences needed, so we can identify the most suitable sources and pull together an efficient team of experts for the project.


Following are a few examples of partners with whom we work very closely:


Ouhua Foreign Trade Corp.

A reliable supplier of wide range of products including travel goods, furniture, fashion accessories, glasses, household products, computer accessories, and chemical products, etc. We have been working with Ouhua on a long term cooperation basis for various projects.


Chinasea Marine Group

Chinasea provides us with highly professional logistic services through offices in many major cities in China. [website]


Shanghai Gencomm Auto Technology Co., Ltd.

Gencomm specialise in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for automobiles. They have designed and developed a number of successful products for the US. [website]