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Epico is the product development and marketing centre for Liren Footwear Co., Ltd, a shoe factory based in Wenzhou, a vibrant city along the South-east coast line of China. Over the past three decades, the factory has successfully combined traditional shoe making expertise with advanced modern machinery and technique, and most importantly, world-class management system. Our philosophy is to encourage fresh thinking, and always strive for greater excellence.


In the past five years, the factory has transformed itself from a small family business supplying domestic men’s shoe market to a fast growing footwear export specialist supplying the European’s fast fashion sector. Our customer portfolio consists of footwear multiple chains, specialist retailers, fashion wholesalers/distributors. It currently employs approx. 450 workers and operates on capacity of approx. 28,000 pairs per week. We are customer oriented and fashion driven, yet always under strict and consistent quality control. Since 2004, the factory has been operating “no tack” production, which is one of the essential criteria of footwear manufacturing quality management system required by some large European corporations.


To differentiate ourselves to the vast number of Chinese footwear producers, we have developed a unique system that allows us to achieve speed and flexibility at the same time. We understand that fast turnaround is essential to fashion business therefore in both development sampling and bulk production we from time to time exceed customer’s expectation. Order quantity and customisation can also be sometime a problem for large Chinese manufacturers, but not for us. We are flexible with minimum order quantity and we offer greatest effort in meeting individual client’s requirements in design, labelling, packaging, and total handling of logistics.


In addition, EPICO also has a network of reliable shoe suppliers covering a wide range of footwear, including espadrilles, EVA flip-flops, trainers, canvas shoes, outdoor shoes, indoor slippers, etc. By applying our product design capability in London and quality control facility available in China we offer sourcing services to our clients’ various buying needs.