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Offering real tools to help our customers do business

With our vast experience of international trading we are able to offer our customers tailored services that will best suit their needs. We have grouped our service offerings into two main groups EPICO Sourcing and EPICO Consulting. These tools are designed to aid our customers in obtaining the best products without the need to invest in offices abroad or sending out agents. If you would like to know more about how we can help your business please contact us and we can then explore the possibilities together.


EPICO Sourcing

EPICO Ltd. has been developing innovative solutions, logistical support and outstanding customer service leading to significant savings for our clients due to the inherited lower material and labor costs throughout China. To ensure competitive price and total control of quality and delivery, we always aim to source products directly from manufacturers wherever possible, to bypass layers of agents’ and distributors’ typical mark-ups. [...more]


EPICO Consulting

We are able to capitalise on our representative office in China, and offer our customers value added services. We also provide other value added services such as providing trade finance facility, helping clients in various activities involving travel in China and Far East, attending trade shows, factory audit, goods inspection, import & export procedure handling, etc. The objective of these services is simply to deliver a complete package which will offer our clients huge savings on cost and most importantly time, so they can focus their valuable resources in their core activities. [...more]


EPICO Consulting for China

For China based manufacturers and companies wish to enter the European market or establish business in the UK, Epico can help you in many ways by using our team of expertise based in London. […more]


As part of our expansion in Ghana and the West African market, we will be opening our office in Accra in 2006. We hope that with this new facility we will be able to serve our Ghanian customer base more effectively. We will be launching various new services in the region and we would like to hear from all the existing and potential customers regarding their views, comments, and suggestions. [Contact Us]