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Product Sourcing

Simple process providing efficient services

If you are looking for a new type of product, or an alternative source for products that you already have, we can locate a manufacturer or wholesaler offering the same or similar products. EPICO Sourcing can provide research and identify a significant number of manufacturing and wholesaling sources for a wide range of products. Our process is designed to work with the information you provide, from there will find the goods that meets your needs.


Send us your requirements

Tell us what products you need. Send us your requirements including product information, product specifications and also any product photo/sketch or a sample should be provided.

Your information may include:

  • Name of Product
  • Specifications
  • Product standard required
  • Quantity desired
  • Target Price

Sourcing of products

Our product sourcing services are custom-made and cost effective, according to your requirement; we mainly help you in following stages:

First stage: Initial Report

With our powerful database and relationships, a Report will be generated with products that match your criteria.
The report may include:

  • Name of Products
  • Specifications
  • Product Standard
  • Price List
  • Evaluation of manufacturer and its history

At this stage we will not provide the manufacturers' names unless they are one of our Partners. This report will incur you no charges.


Second stage: Sampling

If the intitial report from us provides you with information of product that meets your needs you may want to request samples of the products, we can do this for you charging only for the corresponding sample costs, delivery and import duty fees. We reserve the right for charging a handling fee for this step.


Third stage: Manufacturing Intelligence

As a policy, we always carry out a careful investigation into a factory or supplier involving areas such as general business conduct, product portfolio, general pricing policy, product development capability, production capacity, quality assurance procedure, and operational ethical standards, if required by clients, so as to access the suitability of the particular vendor. Unless the results meet our total satisfaction, they will not become a qualified Epico supplier. If you need us get the first hand information for you from the factory, we can arrange for reliable staff to carry out neccessary research according to your requirements. Charges for this service will be discussed according to your requirements.

If you would like to visit the manufacturers in person, we will make every effort to propose the lowest traveling costs, the most suitable route possible for your business trip and offer all the follow-up services according to your requirement. Charges for this stage will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

We may offer following services for your convenience:

  • Custom-made trip route design
  • Arrangement of meetings
  • Hospitality Management: Hotel, Car, Meals etc.  
  • Arrangement of translator to accompany your trip

Fourth Stage: Placing Orders

Once you are satisfied that our suppliers can meet your needs and begin to place an order, we will enter you into our online Project Management System (PDF document, you can download the free pdf viewer here). This system will allow you to track your order every step of the way, we will update you regularly with the progress of your order and communicate any relevant news that may be of interest to you. These online facilities are available to all our customers and provides an excellent way of keeping communications of each order in one easily accessible place. During this stage we can offer you our full range of EPICO Sourcing services.